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Enerwave ZB-333-W ZigBee Module, Plug-In Outlet for ZigBee Home Automation, Smart Outlet, Smart Switch Outlet, Zig Bee Appliance Plug Module, White

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Price: $36.99 - $31.99
(as of Jul 02,2021 08:08:26 UTC – Details)

Enerwave ZB-333 Z-Wave Wireless Plug-in Module allows you to remotely switch ON/OFF lights and small appliances such as the floor and table lamp, fan, computer, TV, speakers, and more from anywhere. With no wiring needed, you can easily upgrade your home to a smart home by adding this ZigBee outlet to your home automation system. The Enerwave ZB-333 ZigBee Plug has two outlets, one ZigBee enabled for appliances you want controlled via ZigBee, and another always-on AC outlet for other electrical appliances.

If you forget to turn off the fan, speaker, TV or lights downstairs, just do it from your smartphone or computer! Through the ZigBee outlet switch, control appliances and group with other devices as part of a scene in your home automation network. Simultaneously control your fan downstairs with lights and other smart devices upstairs or in the kitchen for various scenes, such as Party, Vacation or Movie Night settings. It is compatible with all types of lights, including incandescent, LED, CFL, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs.

It is a lifestyle product for wireless remote lighting control, convenience and smart energy saving. Enerwave ZigBee dimmer, switch, receptacle, plug-in module and scene control products make your home “smart” with enhanced security and energy efficiency.

In a ZigBee network, each device is designed to act as a wireless repeater. This ensures that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots. Repeaters will re-transmit the signal from one device to another until the intended device is reached. Compatible hubs: SmartThings STH-ETH-200 or older, Orvibo, Harmony with ZigBee Extender. Device type code is required to work with SmartThings

Compatible only with SmartThings STH-ETH-200 or older, Orvibo, and Harmony with ZigBee Extender hubs. Zigbee plug in wall outlet enables remote control of floor/table lamps, fans, computers, or TVs from anywhere with any Wifi connected device
One ZigBee controlled outlet and one always-on AC outlet. Remotely turn ON/OFF appliance via smartphone or computer apps after added to a compatible ZigBee gateway. No wiring needed
Can be controlled in scenes or groups of multiple ZigBee devices for smarter control. Acts as a signal repeater to boost the network
Wireless ZigBee technology uses mesh networking to expand network reach and eliminate points of failure; built on 2.4GHz for worldwide use; uses a variety of security mechanisms such as AES-128 encryption, device and network keys, and frame counters
ZigBee frequency: 2.4GHz, HA 1.2 Certification; 120VAC; Incandescent: 1000W, Motor: 1/3 HP, Ballast: 1200VA, Resistive: 1800W(15A); FCC compliant. Device type code is required to work with SmartThings

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Enerwave ZB-333-W ZigBee Module, Plug-In Outlet for ZigBee Home Automation, Smart Outlet, Smart Switch Outlet, Zig Bee Appliance Plug Module, White


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